We are looking for suitably qualified and responsible individuals to join our team of Invigilators to ensure that any test administered by the British Council runs smoothly on the test day/s and that all assigned test day duties and standards are met.

You will be accountable for maintaining the integrity and reputation of the British Council and the various examination boards by ensuring that tests are delivered to prescribed standards for customer service, security and administration.


Dirección Caracas, Venezuela
Fecha de cierre de inscripción Viernes, 1 de June de 2018

Resumen del puesto


  • Report promptly to test venue at agreed time. In case of any delays or if unable to get to the test venue, inform the appropriate test day or British Council Examinations Services staff in a timely manner.
  • Follow all relevant standards & procedures, based on training and reference materials provided by the British Council Examinations Services and the relevant Exam Boards.
  • Enable good customer flow by giving candidates clear direction and answering their enquiries.
  • Ensure that candidates follow the agreed exam procedures regarding the location and security of their belongings.
  • Conduct candidate entry, exit, identity checks and Test Day Photography procedures according to exam requirements.
  • Ensure special arrangements are provided as required.
  • Be familiar with the health and safety and emergency procedures for the test day venue.
  • Invigilate examinations to the standard required by the British Council Examinations Service and the relevant Exams Boards.
  • Actively monitor candidates during tests to make sure that there is no violation of test conditions. · Support the supervisor to ensure that candidates have a positive and consistent test day experience and a positive image of the British Council.
  • Ensure all material is accounted for and handed over securely to the supervisor.
  • Complete and maintain accurate records of exam assignments. Complete all reports, logs and claims accurately as required by British Council Examinations Services.
  • Follow all relevant guidelines and policies in the areas of: Data Protection, Child Protection, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, and Anti-Fraud.
  • Report any incidents, emergencies or breaches of security to the appropriate test day supervisor.
  • Work with the test day supervisor to promote and ensure the wellbeing of candidates at all time. In case of emergencies, follow correct procedures.
  • Additional duties in line with the role may be required.

Training and development:

  • Attendance of briefing and training sessions as requested by the British Council Examinations Services Centre.
  • Complete all mandatory training modules: Data Protection, Child Protection, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Anti-Fraud, Identity Checks as required.

Essential Requirements:

Punctual and reliable. Schedules are fixed in advance and it is essential that invigilators arrive on time to ensure the exam starts on time.

A good working knowledge of spoken and written English (minimum of B1), as well as the local language. Exam instructions are given in either English or the local language, as defined by the Exam Board. Venue staff may be required to use only English when communicating with both candidates and colleagues at exam venues.

To demonstrate level of spoken and written English, invigilators will be asked to either provide a certificate of a recognised English Language test, or may be required to sit an APTIS test (speaking, listening, reading and writing) as part of the application process.

Good attention to detail. Procedures vary for different Exam Boards and types of exams, and these must be followed with precision for each type of exam.

Customer service and people skills. Our exam candidates include a wide range of people from different backgrounds who may be nervous on the day of their exam and need to be dealt with politely, confidently, calmly and efficiently. It is essential that our venue staff have the ability to understand and respond effectively to customer needs and deliver high quality service.

Basic computing skills. Electronic equipment and internet-based software is used to prepare and deliver examinations. It is essential that invigilators be familiar and comfortable using these tools and use the internet on a regular basis.

Education. Higher secondary / high school level certificate or equivalent

Other important features or requirements of the job (e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc):

  • You will be paid on an hourly paid basis.
  • You may be required to work weekends (Saturdays), extended hours in the early morning or afternoons. You must have the flexibility to work beyond the prior agreed work schedule.
  • You will be required to supervise candidates through vigilant observation. The role requires long hours of standing and movement.
  • You must be able to legally work in the country of appointment.
  • British Council pre-recruitment checks will be required for shortlisted candidates, including background checks & police verification.
  • Although there may not be a full or prescribed uniform for your role, while carrying out your duties, you must always be dressed in line with the cultural expectations of the country you are working in and your position in accordance with your role as representing the British Council. However, it is recommended that you wear soft comfortable shoes. Noisy shoes and distracting jewellery are not permitted.

Cómo aplicar

Applications forms should be sent to beatriz.rincon@britishcouncil.org.ve

*Only applications on the official application form will be considered

*Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview