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We partnered with Small Axe, the Outburst Festival and Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast to exhibit Caribbean Queer Visualities, a group exhibition of queer work from the Caribbean.
We encourage the visibility of the LGBTQ community in the Caribbean and by fostering a space for the artists to exhibit and speak about their work.

The exhibition at the Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast included the work of ten artists and a roundtable discussion.

Run Free in Jamaica

In its 10th anniversary, the National Theatre of Scotland (NTS) presented its first festival of participatory performing arts: Home Away. We joined this celebration and collaborated with them and with Manifesto Jamaica, a social enterprise committed to educating, exposing and empowering youth through art and culture; in order to produce a piece of theatre.

Inspired in true stories, the result was Run Free, the journey of 11 young men from the Parade Gardens community in Kingston, their lives, trials and triumphs growing up in an age of unprecedented change along with their struggle with ghetto violence, gang culture, a lack of male role models, poverty and apathy.

Participants trained over a two year period for two presentations, one on August 6th for Jamaica’s Independence Day celebrations and one at the National Theatre of Scotland Home Away Festival with great feedback and standing ovations.

We are proud to create opportunities for those who have limited access to working in the arts as they can be effective in empowering disadvantaged youth.

“Notions of home change quickly and dynamically for many people in Jamaica, so we learn early that home is in your head and heart.”- Manifesto Jamaica

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