Front of House of British Council Venezuela
British Council in Venezuela premises

The British Council is the UK's international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations with overseas countries. Established by Royal Charter as an independent organisation, we work closely with the British Government's Foreign & Commonwealth Office and with the British Embassy in more than 100 countries in which we operate.

The purpose of the British Council is to enhance the reputation of the UK in the world as a valued partner. This objective, first drawn up more than 60 years ago, remains the overall mission of the British Council's network of over 200 offices worldwide. It is founded on the belief that the culture, creativity, languages and way of life of a nation can be shared abroad as a means of strengthening mutual understanding and collaboration.

Since 1940, British Council has been working in Venezuela to promote educational and cultural relations to enhance the reputation of the UK in Venezuela, running programmes in the arts, education, governance and English language.