Teacher using a digital board

Across the Americas there is widespread recognition of the importance of English in securing social and economic progress – matched by a greater willingness by government, businesses and individual learners to invest in improvement.

We can draw on the best expertise from the UK and from across our global network to design relevant, affordable and high quality solutions that respond to your needs. Our partners in the UK and the region are national and local government, education institutions, businesses, suppliers and individual teachers and learners. Our areas of expertise include the following:

Pre-service and in-service teacher training

  • Research in English teaching methodology and policy development.
  • Teacher training and certification in English teaching.
  • English language development for Teachers.
  • Continuous professional development frameworks.  
  • Assessing teaching quality.
  • Implementing teaching quality control programmes.
  • Curriculum and materials development.
  • Curriculum development for English.
  • English learning materials creation.
  • Content and language integrated learning.


  • Aptis assessment tests to establish levels of English competence.


  • Teaching English to school pupils and students.
  • English teaching for specific purposes (e.g. the hospitality industry, police and security services, etc.).
  • Teaching programmes customized for individual businesses.
  • Teaching in company.

Research and market intelligence

  • Research and development in English language teaching.
  • English policy research.
  • English language market information.