Registering your child for a course at the British Council is easy:

Step 1 - Book an online placement test

This will be an opportunity to know your child's level of English and discuss the right course for them.

  • Choose a suitable time and date for your online interview. 
  • The placement test costs 10 USD. This cost is not refundable. 
  •  You can pay in VES by national bank transfer or in USD with an international Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card through our online portal. For security reasons, we do not accept cash payments.

Step 2 - Attend the online interview

When you attend the interview, your child will complete a simple level test.

  • The consultation will take between 10 and 20 minutes.
  • During the interview, one of the expert advisors will make some questions to your child to complete the English level assessment. 

Step 3 - Register for a course

  • The results of the test will help us to determine the best course from our range of English courses for kids and teens.
  • You can register and pay for your chosen course at our online portal (myPortal).
  • You must be 18 years old to be able to pay and register your child for a course.

Course dates and registration periods 

View the table below to know when we are running courses. You can sign up your child for these courses (dependent on availability) during one of the matching registration periods.

Courses Registration period Course dates
Summer for kids and teens (Ages 6 to 17)

24th May - 30th July

Summer Term:
2nd August - 27th August

24th May - 30th July

Block 1:
2nd August - 13th August

24th May - 6th August

Block 2:
9th August - 20th August

24th May - 13th August

Block 3:
16th August - 27th August

Learning Time With Timmy (Ages 3 to 6) 15th June - 17th September Term 3-2021:
30th August - 23rd October
Primary Plus
(Ages 6 to 12)
Secondary Plus
(Ages 12 to 17)

Don't forget:

  • Taking the placement test does not guarantee your child a space on a course. This depends on the availability of classes and schedules for your child's level.
  • Online level check results are valid for six months, so you can register your child for a course within this period if there isn't any immediate availability.
  • Get updated prices on each course page or check prices and availability at our online portal (myPortal).


If you need support with booking your consultation, please contact our customer service team.