Purpose of job: To provide British Council operations and business support with resources, operative and administrative services following the global British Council standards.


Dirección Caracas, Venezuela
Duración Indefinite
Fecha de cierre de inscripción Domingo, 14 de January de 2018

Resumen del puesto


  • To ensure continuous delivery in order to provide resources, logistics and administrative high-quality services to support British Council Venezuela’s operations.
  • To contribute with the British Council Venezuela compliance with global programmes and policies by coordinating the logistics to reach the requested levels (Health and Safety, Environmental Programs, etc).
  • Provide operational support to the British Council Teaching Centre operations.
  • Ensure accommodation for UK appointed staff, Network Teachers, Projects’ Instructors and other British Council visitors.

Responsibilities and Main duties

Regarding premises, logistics and administrative functions:

  • Follow maintenance programme established; coordinate and supervise the maintenance activities for the premises to ensure continuous, high-quality service delivery.
  • Support the procurement process: contact and find suppliers for goods and services.
  • Coordinate the new UK appointed and network teachers’ bank accounts and support them with bank issues in Venezuela.
  • To book and control air tickets with the BC travel agencies for all staff.
  • To coordinate the corporate taxis daily service for teachers, all staff and foreign visitors.
  • To issue and control Purchase Orders on time to guarantee the payments related to the post.

Regarding British Council programmes and policies:

  • Carry on the logistics needed to comply with: Environmental programme and Health and Safety policy.

Regarding administrative support to the Teaching Centre:

  • Support new teachers coming to Venezuela with the following processes: a) Flights, b) Accommodation, c) Subsistence and settling in allowance money, d) Co-ordinate Flat hunting, e) Flat contracts, f) Bank accounts, g) Flat issues: starting period - first month
  • Request all papers from new appointed UK staff and network teachers a minimum of 3 and half months prior to start date. Guide them through the process and answer questions they may have.
  • Relevant UK HR staff are aware of visa requirements and procedures for Venezuela. Visas and other administrative documents are provided in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Liase with the Resourcing Officer (Teacher Recruitment) in UK regarding the translation of Education Certificates for new appointed UK staff and network teachers as well as any other matter in relation with their visas, flights, etc.
  • Work permit and other documents submitted to SAIME in order to get the Visa Approval at least 1 and half month prior the start date of the new post.
  • Follow up and liaison with Venezuelan Consulate in London for the visa process completed in time to allow member of staff to start work on time, legally.
  • Submit the required documentation to get the "Orden the Cedulacion" at SAIME as soon as possible after the first visa has been granted.

Regarding accommodation for UK appointed staff, Network Teachers, Projects’ Instructors and visitors:

  • Accommodation leases for UK appointed and network teachers negotiated ensuring Value for Money and security considerations.
  • Constant relationship is maintained with landlords and landladies to ensure the accurate complying of rental agreements.
  • Constant relationship is maintained with relevant staff at the British Embassy to ensure their timely and efficient management and support for administrative procedures and payment of rent as appropriate.
  • Rents are paid punctually and according to contract payment terms.
  • Ensure initial groceries for the new appointed staff are available in their flat the day prior of arrival.
  • Arrange the logistics for foreigners’ arriving and departure.
  • Meet new arrival staff on their 1st working day in order to settle them in their apartment and show them the surroundings the way to the BC by Metro and/or walking.
  • Approved flat inventories signed by landlord, Director/TCM/Teacher at same time as rental agreements.
  • Logistics to book hotel rooms and local transportation.

Cómo aplicar

You can find the post at the British Council jobs portal in the following link:https://goo.gl/BCg3Wy